By | November 20, 2016
WhatsApp Video Call

Good news for smartphone lovers. Now we don’t have any need to use Viber, Skype or anyone else. WhatsApp Video Call Service has Officially lauched in new Version.

When WhatsApp eventually was given a voice calling function closing 12 months it left us with just one query: while can we get video? Fine, now it’s underway. According to the WhatsApp blog, the feature is progressively rolling out for all customers throughout the various systems within the coming days. Hold on for more on how to make Video Calls on WhatsApp.

How we can Make a WhatsApp Video Call:

Making a video call is much like making an audio call: open a call chat with the individual you need to touch after which select the video call option. The alternative man or woman, for now, can even want to have video calling for it to work otherwise you may get an mistakes message.

Once the call is launched, you could see and listen your correspondent. It’ll take us similarly testing to peer the real video best but before everything looks it appears quite correctly.

With an open faucet at the display, you could get entry to your messages, for example in the software, or return to the menu and use your telephone for other purposes even as continuing your name. Of direction, in case you do now not preserve the show of the call on the screen you can’t see the caller, but best hear the audio. To look him/her again, in reality, reopen the window.

You may download the state-of-the-art version of WhatsApp version 2.16.318 right here. But remain, affected person, the function is rolling out to all customers (no longer merely beta users anymore) inside the upcoming days. Un-installing and re-installing the app or cleaning the cache won’t do you any good. You just ought to wait.

Group Video Calling :

WhatsApp Also introduced Group video chatting in new Version. Many Other apps like skype , Viber are also using this feature.

How to make WhatsApp Video Call

Group Video Chatting in WhatsApp

Alternative to WhatsApp :

If you don’t understand WhatsApp, you should use the biggest rival of WhatsApp that is Viber. In fact, Viber is the one of the best instant messaging App nowadays.